The Bib

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The Bib


Ideal for the messy eater

Our  Bib is made of the softest reconstructed leather on top, coated with a synthetic layer of polyurethane to make it easy to wipe clean, its double-sided, giving you the ultimate feel of genuine leather and the convenience too clean easily. The bib are simply designed with our logo en finished off with a simple stitch.

Our Bib are wipeable and water-resistant. Clean it with a wipe, wet cloth, hose it off, brush of the water, shake of the sand – it is really as easy as that 🙂

Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm

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Tan, Navy, Emerald, Marble, Grey, Cream, White, Black, Hazel, Fawn


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Care instructions –

After every use, clean the mat with a wipe or cloth and soap water.

Let it air dry completely before folding for storage. DO NOT wash in the machine or iron.

PLEASE do not use any permanent markers, scissors, pen OR acrylics our mat, it will damage and/or stain the mat.

Heat and pressure removes wrinkles so let it lie in the sun or lie it out flat or hanging it for a while.

Leading time is 10-14 working days.